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How To Take Wood Samples - Fine Arts
How To Take Wood Samples - Fine Arts
Wood Identification Basics
Wood Identification Basics
Wood Types
Wood Types
Our Fees:
    Wood - Fine Arts               $  50.00        per Sample
    Wood - Fine Arts (RUSH)                               $  75.00        per Sample
Wood - Archaeological & Charcoal       Call Us       

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Please make check out to "AIS" or "Alden Identification Service "
Our service is available to appraisers, conservators, restorers and private collectors of fine arts as well as professionals in the fields of archaeology, ethnobotany, anthropology, forest products, material science, textiles and trace evidence (forensics).
Accuracy: We offer the most accurate identifications that scientific methods will allow. Our ID's are done empirically (the most accurate way) and not comparatively. The samples are processed using thin sections (wood) and fractured surfaces (charcoal) via optical microscopy.

Integrity: Our integrity has kept us in business since 1986. While we have a general appreciation of antiques, we are scientists and not antique collectors, which makes us unbiased and valuable to our customers. We "call 'em as we see 'em" under the microscope & can back up our identifications in court.

Service: We offer the fastest wood identification service available, usually within 24 - 48 hours of receipt of the samples & payment. Our RUSH service can get you an answer within an hour or two. Our service also includes a professionally written report sent to you via email and snail mail.
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Alden Identification Service
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Specializing in the Scientific Identification
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